New start: Self-confidence

< REPOST > : Sorry for this modification, I had a problem with this article because my smartphone didn’t connect properly with my laptop so it was transformed into draft like he never existed. It’s not totally the same sentences but the idea is still the same. Very sorry for this inconvenience.

Coucou tout le monde, aujourd’hui je reviens avec un article qui me touche tout particulièrement et j’en suis sûre touchera beaucoup d’entre vous également.

Mais tout d’abord, j’aimerais vous annoncer que petit à petit, je vais commencer à rédiger mes articles en anglais pour que tout le monde puisse me comprendre (en espérant ne pas faire trop de fautes).. Mais parfois je pense être amenée à écrire en français. Et cela commence tout de suite avec ce premier article en anglais.

Hey everyone! Today, it’s my first try written in English on my blog.  This article is on my mind when I started my exchange university in Nanjing (China).
Before going there, Paris totally annoyed and still annoys me because I don’t know why but I feel that I can’t be myself. Plus, I have a lack of confidence because of people’s prejudices. I feel that everybody look at me and judge me no matter what I am doing.
In China, I was so free. I was carefree, I just went to meet people and talk to them without shyness. I could be myself and I won a bit self-confidence that I lost a little since I came back in Paris. Whereas, in Paris, I am shy and a little introverted because they are so many dictas in the society. If you are just a bit different, people look at you weirdly because for them, you have to be in the mold.
You know I especially love Paris Fashion Week because we can see many different styles and nobody think they are strange just in fact they are famous or respected in the fashion world.
I really respect European fashion but I always prefer Asian one, especially Korean because they are original and sober. And in Seoul, nobody judge you, you are free to wear what you want that’s why I love this country so much.


That’s why, I write this article to show to everyone that self-confidence is really important. And we have to do everything to get it, okay?
Once you get it, nobody can put you down because you really believe in yourself and you know your values so even if people around you, hurt you, just try to not care about it and to move on. Even if sometimes you can feel it go away but just try to maintain what you won.
I decided to explain on my blog that feeling because I know that everybody in their life felt that once. This feeling that everything is horrible right now in your life and no matter what you want to face up it, you can’t because you feel depressed.

Everyone can have bad moments, but the most important thing we have to remember is always overcoming that. So just decide to take things in hands because you deserve to be happy and live the life you want!
First, decide everyday when you wake to have a big smile and to be happy. Then, make everything to please yourself first before pleasing people. To like yourself: take care of your skin and about your clothes because the image you dismiss.
Liking yourself is the most important thing because if you don’t like yourself who can? It shows that you feel good in your body and your mind. Make everything to think in this way.

Before you win totally self-confidence, just tell to yourself to be confidence to show to everybody that you get it. Thinking about it is the first step you have it.
After, do your best to succeed in your goals: lose weight, have good marks, become rich (just kidding) or work out to be toned etc. Like yourself is really meaningful, if you assimilate that in your mind, you will naturally get up your head and have self-confidence.
You’ll be sure that everyone around you will notice it and especially unknown persons in the streets.
If your spirit is convinced that you trust yourself, your body will follow it and people will immediately see this progress.

For me, I have to tell you the truth.. I have a lack of confidence but since I came back to China and thanks to my uni exchange, I decided to change and to become confident for myself. Because self-esteem is really important, never forget that!
Let’s work it together!!


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