You are who you are, homie!

Hello everyone! This new article is not about Korean cosmetics, I don’t have time to take photos but I promise I will publish as soon as possible. Today, it deals with a topic that everybody are concerned.
If you read my article about self-confidence, today I want to explain the fact that we should be who we are. I mean we were born like that, Dame-Nature made us like that, so I think we just have to accept what we are.
Let me explain: First, each person find something on him he dislikes. It’s life, we are not perfect, we just try our best to improve ourselves to become a better person.
Some people will not like their nose, their eyes or their height for example but we can’t choose.. If we can, we will all be perfect as we want and it’ll be so easy and boring, right?

If you want to wear this or that clothes to like yourself, just wear it because if you are at ease and damn good in that outfit, it’s the most important. So just do it, okay? Try to not care about people’s judgement. If you want to do effort to look nice, just go. Do it first for yourself and not for others, don’t feel pressure or don’t try to want to impress someone.
If you feel powerful and confidente, you can win any battle because you feel like you.


Loving ourself is a long way to manage because we have to face many obstacles: People’s judgment, society diktas and the most important is to find ourself.
All our childhood and teenage period, we try many styles and things to become “us“. Everyone lives that, I lived that and you lived that too. I tried many different styles: Emo-rock or cute, for example. Nowadays, I still try to find myself but I managed a little, I know what I like and dislike, what I want to become, what I want and don’t want.. Even if sometimes, I have THAT outfit in my mind but I don’t manage to make it in real, I know it sounds weird but it’s so true!
I don’t know exactly if I make the better choices but I just want to try and if I have to do wrong, I will just grow up and learn a new lesson for the future. I know that I want to be happy and now I am (I think). I still have bad moments in my life, I just try to remember the best.
No matter what, I will get the life I dream and succeed in what I undertake.

What’s more, I think we only can count on ourselves. People can say family and friends too but I don’t really believe in that. Yeah, family is the most important things in life but it depends on each person’s situation. About friends, I don’t think that they will always be on our sides because in my life, I experienced situations that proved me that PEOPLE ALWAYS LEAVE.
When I was child, I have different bestfriends, for example with one, we are really really close but one day, I changed school and with time, she forgot me and replaced me by someone else whereas, I always thought about her etc..
I think I am emotionnally too involved and care too much about my friends.. It harms me.. Because I think that I am always losing important people in my life because I am not good enough. It happened way too much to me..
I am too tired to loose people without any reasons.. I don’t know why.. But it’s life.. I know that some persons are intended to cross my life and some will stay for a long time.

” What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger “


Sorry for being so negative but it’s me, I am pessimistic and defeatist.. I try to improve this part of my personality because I know that being optimistic help to live well. Always saying: Wake up and smile to be happy. I notice that it can be true because we just have to concentrate on positive aspects.
I really try and I think it can work, I can see the difference to just focus on the better points. I feel that I am less depressed and negative. I just concentrate on my goals and don’t care what break me down. AND accept who I am with all my qualities, flaws and weaknesses.
Be with people who deserve to be with you and let the others go away from your life. You have to accept that some people are intended to cross your life and some will stay forever but you don’t meet by accident. They are meant to cross your path for a reason. But the hardest thing is to realize that persons can stay in your heart but not in your life. So exist in your own terms.
Let’s do it together alright? – Smile with a bright smile to embrace the life ;).

“The world is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you fcking want to”

What do you think about that?

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