Haul: H&M in Nanjing

To tell you the truth, having only 23kg at my disposal in my suitcase to go and on the way back, it was quite difficult to bring all my closet.. That’s why, I just brought the minimum mainly I skipped winter clothes just took my Moncler coat which was stolen in Shanghai at Mint.. /cry/.
Thanks to my Moncler, I could have survived in Nanjing, yeah because I knew the snow in Nanjing. I mostly brought summer clothes.
But, I am a shopaholic so it was obvious that I could not stay 4 months without buying clothes so I went to H&M and Forever 21 because I am tall and not really skinny to buy Chinese unique size clothing.. So bad to say because I am a Hong-Kong girl and I can’t wear them..

In France, I am not used to buy clothes in H&M but in China, I found some cool pieces, in the future, I’ll sometimes go to H&M to see if there are good pieces. I think yes because now I see ads everywhere with cool clothes.. Plus, one of my fav models, Liu Wen is used to be H&M ambassador for different campaigns.

Let’s discover my purchases:

First, sorry for my fat belly and thighs.. When I saw this skirt, I immediately liked it. It’s a high-waisted skirt, I was happy to find it because in China, I lost weight (fck yeah! But now I gained it.. So I have to do a diet for sure..) so it was cool to buy new clothes especially skirt or dress. In France, I don’t really wear something we can see my legs.. But in Nanjing, I was comfortable so I decided to take it and I don’t regret. I often wore it when I went to nightclub ;).
Besides, I finally got high socks.. I looked for them for so long and I bought it in Nanjing, I love them.. So confortable and they can hide my big thighs.. Yeah, we all know that black let us seem skinnier!


Skirt – 19€99

High-socks – 9,99€

Kimono: A piece to have in your wardrobe. Yeah, I like kimono. If I can find a lot of them, I will buy them but it’s quite hard for me to find one because I am “exigeant”. I found one in Nanjing, it was quite beautiful so I bought it and my friend, Joanna told me that it suited me well. I was looking for one for a long time.. I saw many that I loved but there are so expensive and this one was affordable.



Kimono – 19€99

Yeah, I didn’t bring dresses for party maybe just one so I had to find an other one to let me dress well to go to nightclub.. And tada, I found this one. As you can see, in China, I was totally falling in love with burgundy color hehe. My friends told me it was pretty cool on me.. So I took it.. What do you think about it? (Just tell me the truth)



Dress – 19,99€

To finish, I bought two whole lingerie. I was looking for a black and white one and I found them in China. They are simple but classy for me haha.. They are comfortable to wear and I think it’s the most important HAHA.
For some clothing, you have to wear black or white lingerie to standardize the outfit.

Lingerie – near 10€ each whole

PS: Sorry for the scenery of the photos.. But it’s hard to capture pictures in your room without a photographer and a good scenery.. I will improve this aspect, I promise!

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