Haul: Forever 21 in China

As you can read on my previous article – Haul: H&M in Nanjing, I did shopping because I needed clothes and I love shopping haha. Plus, Forever 21 is a brand I appreciate a lot and the price is really affordable.
I don’t know if you know that Forever 21 (before Fashion 21) was created by an American couple with Korean origins. They created this brand for Korean community in the USA. Nowadays, we can see South Korean trendy style through the clothes, maybe that’s why I’m keen on Forever 21.
Very good price-quality ration! Totally addict haha.

So I decided to enjoy myself by buying some clothes.. I found so many pieces.. I think if I had money, I would have bought all the shop.. Anyway, I discovered many clothes and I mainly bought shorts.. Yeah, I could pass my daily life to wear shorts! I was everyday in shorts but in France, you can’t.. I don’t know why but when people see your skin or if you wear something short, they look at you weirdly or judge you in their head..
Damn, seriously it’s just a short you know.. I think everybody can wear what he wants and that’s all. We are free to choose so why do they judge us?? Yeah, everybody judges everybody but there are limits to accept, right?

Anyway sorry for this wandering, so, I bought clothes in Forever 21.. I mean mainly shorts. Seriously, I think each time I entered to the shop in Beijing, I always took something even if in Shanghai, I tried my best to buy nothing and I managed. Really.. Poor dear wallet.. I make you my excuses, lmao.
But it is necessary to know how to please yourself, no?
In reality, if I was in France, I would haven’t bought all these pieces but yuan is cheaper than euro.. Unfortunately, in my head, everything was so cheap compared to Paris.. So I told to myself that it was a good opportunity to buy clothes.. Yeah, I’m a shopaholic ha ha ha.

Let’s discover what I bought – just saw that I didn’t buy many clothes at the end:



This is my fav high-waisted shorts (except the black one is not high-waisted) I found in Beijing. For a long time, I looked for them. Yeah; you know I completely love Luanna Perez-Garreaud. Her style and charisma are fcking cool! I always enjoy her outfits. We can see that she has self-confidence and her own style.

I often wore them in China, especially when I went out with my friend at nightclub. I went to there with “casual” outfit, different than in Paris, I always wear well with dresses, heels etc.


To finish, I bought a shirt. I was looking for this kind of short and I found one. But still look for another one because I totally want it in black & red.. I never find one which could be nice to me. But this one is quite cool and I tried it with the washed-out short. I often wear it around my hip for a street style fashion.

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