OOTD: Little Camel Riding Hood

Two weeks ago, I finally met my friend Claire from Chopstickloset after 6 months. The last time, we saw each other was for Dynamic Duo concert 4 days before I left in China. I was so happy to see her again because even if we don’t often talk or meet, she’s a good friend and I think we understand each other pretty well.
This time, we decided to try a Japanese restaurant, Rice&Fish – 16 rue Greneta 75002 Paris. I saw some pictures on Instagram and I discovered it thanks to Aude from My Name is Odd. You should know that I am so addict of Japanese food especially Maki. So it was obvious that I would try this one.
At the beginning, I thought it belonged to Japanese people but no. The Maki was quite good. I took Crunchy Maki with scallop-shell and California Maki with crab and Claire chose Maki with spicy tuna/tuna and Crunchy Maki with Shrimp.
We wanted to try their Fresh Green Tea because on the pic and the other clients’ table, it looked like so yummy but when we asked for it, it was sold out.. What a shame..

IMG_2744 copie

Anyway, after finishing to eat, we tried to find a good place to do a shooting.. I think we spent a whole afternoon strolling in the streets and looking for a nice place to shoot at.. We eventually found one. You may not believe but good spots are not easy to find even if we are Parisians.. Seriously haha.
To reward ourselves, after the shooting, we decided to have a drink, a Bubble Tea at Zen Zoo – my favourite tea house to drink bubble tea in Paris, I swear. I am totally addict to bubble tea hehe.

Here is the photos I select for you. I was not really satisfied because of my face (sorry!) but I want to thank Chopstickloset who was kind enough to take the role of my photographer.

IMG_2757 copie

IMG_2729 copie

IMG_2736 copie

Jacquard Hooded Three Quarter Length Coat, Zara – 59,99€

Cream Shirt, Forever 21 – 22,90€

Blue Jeans, Primark – 8€

Collar, Forever 21 – 6,95€

Authentic Vans – 65€

IMG_2745 copie

IMG_2760 copie

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