Haul: Shopping in Seoul


Yup; I am not Korean but still feel so comfortable in Seoul, REALLY. I travelled there 3rd time and I had so many memories in this country. And I think I will always want to go to South Korea. Don’t think that Seoul is small, no it’s huge haha. I went to Seoul 3rd time and I haven’t visited everything yet haha. I know it sounds crazy but so true.
Anyway, today I want to share with you my purchases in Seoul during my trip for a week after our exams in my exchange uni in Nanjing. At the beginning, we wanted to stay longer but we can’t because my friend and I had our plane mid-June in Nanjing to come back Paris.. I wish we could stay longer in Seoul and Nanjing seriously but impossible..

So, there are so many fashion shops in Seoul in different districts and styles (Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Garosugil or Sinsa for example). I think everybody can find their happiness. There are so many styles so you can become crazy because you don’t know where you should look at and go etc.. Anyway, I found my happiness, I think if I stayed longer, my wallet would have suffered a lot.. Poor baby.. Hehe.
I noticed that when I stayed one month in August 2012, I spent a lot of money because like Yuan, Korean currency (Won) is cheaper than Euro too. So in my head, it sounds like I was a little wealthy; I bought a lot, mostly cosmetics because I am totally addict. I wanted to buy more clothes but there was the same problem than in China.. I am tall and not really skinny enough to wear Korean clothes.. So bad for me.. Damn..
Fortunately, I could have bought many unique size tee-shirts and they were so cheap haha.

Let’s see what I bought:








I take advantage of this article on the theme of South Korea to put you my music of moment. Yeah, I am this kind of girl who listens to korean music. Attention, I do not want to be associated to the groupies even if sometimes I have moments of weakness like everybody in front of them idols (lmao).
EPIK HIGH is a great group with talented rappers. The texts are meaningful. ‘Born Hater‘ deals with people who always judge and spread rumors because they hate some persons. This song shows how we have to go up and don’t care about haters.
BEAST is one of groups I followed since they debuted, hope you’ll enjoy this song and the feelings. ‘12시30분‘ is about a couple who reminds of their love and the memories they had together.


BEAST – 12시30분

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