Hello everyone! Today it’s a new kind of article on my blog because I started a YouTube Channel. It’s my first video so hope you’ll like it!
Sorry for the quality, I don’t know why it’s like that because on my MacBook, it’s a high-quality. So, please, watch it in 720p.

This video deals with my purchases on TRIANGL. This brand was created in Australia, specialized in Neoprene bikinis and micro-mesh underwear. Known mainly for its bikinis especially the piece, Milly.
I bought two pieces of its underwear: Isabel and Lucie in Licorice, it means black color. And I decided to buy underwear because I don’t often go to beach or swimming pool and I really wanted to try this brand. But, one day, I’ll but one piece of swimwear to try it because it looks so stylish and comfortable.
I can tell you that its underwear are pretty comfy, really. I think if I was rich, I would have bought all the collection, haha!

Through this video, I tried to show you how they are and I did a little lookbook. Hope it doesn’t look strange or what ever.. I apologize in advance because it’s my first time.
Don’t hesitate to comment if you have advice or questions about it: How to order or anything else. Leave a comment on this article or below the video on YouTube. I’ll answer your for sure!

Let’s play the video!




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