Bringing up an other shoot by my friend, Likeabyul taken two weeks ago. It is always a pleasure to take photos with her because I feel so comfortable when she shoots me. Hope we will meet soon because I have so many things to do with her: Going to change my helix piercing or buying some stuff for my bedroom to organize it at Hema or Muji.
I am so happy to know her, I am glad to make the first step by sending her a message via LookBook when I discovered her page. You have to know that she is so lovely!

That day, we organized a lunch date at Pain Quotidien near Boulevard Haussmann. This was the first time I went there and tasted it. It was pretty good and when you eat their dishes, it is so healthy and you can feel that the products are fresh. I hope next time, we will try the brunch or the tea time.
Plus, I am that kind of girl who can spend all day on a coffee shop: Just listening music, doing homework, chilling with friends, reading books, etc. Yeah, it is my definition of simplicity! Maybe that’s why, I love this country, South Korea, so much because there are so many coffee shops everywhere, at every street corner so when you are tired or feel thirsty, you can find a place anywhere.
Anyway, after finishing eating, I shouldn’t spend money again but I wanted to do shopping window at Monki but finally, I went out by buying a top and a pull-over. I think I will show you my purchases soon with a new shoot. Stay tuned!
Our next step was finding a spot where we could take pictures. It is like always a discovery of Paris even if I am Parisian, haha. But we ended to find a place to shoot near Printemps Haussmann in a silent place. It was neutral, simple and quiet.
That day, I was wearing my jeans jacket and for the first time, wearing my crewneck Crmnill with a black pants and boots. Simplicity in street style clothes is the best!

PS: Crmnill is a brand created in 2012 by my friend, DAENI LLI. But right now, he decided to concentrate on his arts. Go to check his works on his instagram, it’s fcking cool!
It was my first time to buy a crewneck of this brand but I got a beanie. You can see it on my LookBook page: here or here.
And also love this look below: here.



Vest – ZARA

Crewneck – Crmnill

Pants – ZARA

Boots – ZARA











5 thoughts on “HANG OUT IN CRMNILL

  1. Oh, c’est trop gentil et super sweet ce que tu as écrit !
    Merci à toi d’avoir fait le premier pas, je suis contente de te connaître et de pouvoir partager de bons moments avec toi. ^o^
    On a encore pleins de restos/bars/cafés/shops et pleins d’autres lieux à visiter ensemble ! ~ ♥

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