– Blurred Feeling

Sorry for not posting for one week. I was pretty busy and sick.. Anyway, this is a new article which is going to deal with the daily life and the feeling towards people.
I talked with a friend recently about people’s prejudices and stereotypes we have. Yeah; because Humans always complain, judge and want to feel better than others to get a self-esteem. That’s why, many persons don’t get self-confidence. I am one of them unfortunately.
So I want to explain this aspect on this article because since my teenage time, I experienced so different situations and I realized so many things about that. I just want to share it with you. I am sure that everybody won’t be agree with me and I understand that because each person is different so I will accept your opinion.


In this world, there are so many “clichés“. But yes, sometimes it’s true but not always. Plus, we have so many prejudices for some people. I say it sometimes, I have some prejudices about some persons I meet or I see in the streets.
But I always try to go above that and to discover the person in front of me. I notice that people don’t go in the direction of persons who are shy or reserved because I am like that and a little of them come to talk to me.. So I feel so lonely lol..
It’s really important to discover the other person because it lets you learn to be more tolerant and respectful. Everybody is equal, nobody is below or above.
I understand pretty well those stereotypes because I am Asian so when I was young, some persons bullied me about that: Aping Asian accent when they spoke in French, telling me some jokes with connotation or racists remarks etc.. I know we can’t please at everyone but I think that it should have barriers that we must not go beyond.
Maybe that’s why, I am so shy and reserved at the beginning now plus that I don’t have self-confident even if I enjoy learning things about new people. I am always happy to go to a new place and to meet persons.
Now I feel that I have something that people don’t want to come to discover me, it’s so weird. I ask myself so many questions and I am always too involved..
I know it’s also my fault because I have to work on myself and improve myself. Because if you want persons to like you, you have to like yourself first.
However, never apologize for being you, ok!


In the other side, everyday we can meet people who are only fated to cross your life, I mean staying a short time and after going away. You can’t decided, life is just life. No one can predict the future. On the other hand, you can meet persons who will stay by your side forever and always be there for you.
But I don’t know if it’s my experience about friendship but I had hard time so now I know what it means, I just enjoy the present moment with the people I love and for me like in OTH, People always leave. Besides, I learnt that they want to see you do good, but never better than them, we are humans and jealousy or longing arises so easily. Yeah, this is human being, that’s all. JUST KEEP THE BEST!
Sometimes, you can also cross persons who are always harmful even if you try to eliminate them..
Anyway, sorry for being so negative but this is my manner of thinking..




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