Korean Cosmetics

Do you know Korean cosmetics?

I AM TOTALLY ADDICT, YEAH! I am Asian and my skin is really sensitive that’s why, Korean cosmetics fit me so well, I swear! I discovered it when I went to South Korea for the first time in August 2010 and now each time, I go to S. Korea, I buy a lot to make a stock because I never know when I can return there. I went to this country third times, in 2010, 2012 and this year, in June 2014.

I become so fan of these products. I knew them thanks to Korean Music and Ulzzangs: Circle Lenses and BBcream.
That’s why, when I had the chance to go to S.Korea in 2010, I immediatly tried BBcream etc.
I visited so many cute places like Etude House or Skin Food for example. My 2 favs even if there are so many brands I like too (Missha – I like it but quite expensive for a student like me -; Tony Moly; The Face Shop; Holika Holika etc..).

Plus, you have to know that Korean people spend a lot of money on cosmetics and also clothes. I admire them, I love their style. Before I was lazy to take care of my skin and to make up my face but since I did my semester in China plus my trip in South Korea. I really decide to pay attention to it because our skin is really important, we have to be healthy. I always search on the internet and see review on YouTube, and so many things interest me (aaah if I could be rich srly…). I think I become a cosmetic lover besides already being a fashion lover.. I want to try so many products!! Once you buy them, you totally can’t stop because they smell so well and they are so cute, the packaging attract you so easily.

If you are a shopaholic, you should definitely go to South Korea for shopping (cosmetics, gadgets, clothes)!! You will loose your mind!!
It’s like H-E-A-V-E-N for me, you know!

I love this country so much, you should meet Korean people: They are so opened, friendly and always helpful. I think it is what it misses in France. I mean more open-minded and helpful people, I don’t denigrate European persons but I feel so free and good in Asian countries because they accept you the way you are whereas in European countries, there are too many society diktas: being skinny, wearing dark colors etc. As I said before, I don’t feel myself in France. When I spent 4 months in China, it  was so cool to meet people without stereotypes, yeah I was carefree! It was so pleasant!
I am that type of persons who is shy and reserved at the beginning so if someone try to discover me, I open more and more but in that situation I was less and less like that. Coming back France, everything changed, I become again shy and reserved plus loose self-confidence, anyway.

Hope you’ll enjoy my video! Don’t hesitate to comment or like, please! hehe.




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