“It’s never too late to start over!” ― Lynne Gentry


Sometimes, we feel there is an empty world deep in our heart. We feel lonely and our eyes are trapped in darkness. We see everything in a bad side because we are down so we think that everything around us seems beeing unluck.

Just don’t stay in your silence, talk with your friends and try everything to bring you up no matter what. Everybody deserves to be happy in each moment of his life. It’s just a passing wind. You can overcome that! It’s just a matter of time, seriously!
People who make you smile will make you shining brightly and your heart too. You will go back to the beautiful days, just keep in mind that time will heal you! Don’t loose courage, everyone can manage to find their happiness.
I will find it and you will find it! Skip your feeling of loneliness, you are not alone, your family and friends are here even if sometimes you feel the world is against you. But believe me that it’s just a passage.
Hold a hand right now and you’ll come back stronger and more resistant than before!

I often feel this way but I always try to tell myself that it’s just some periods you have to face up because life is unfair but I deserve to be happy in my life. We only live once so why should I stay to stick like that?
I just want to enjoy each moment of my life as much as possible. You know what? Before I feel that I deserve that kind of sadness but since my university exchange, I think differently, totally differently. I changed and I like the way I am today. I know there are many things that I have to set up but I am proud of me because now I have more self-confidence. I work on that to improve myself and to become the person I want to be physically and mentally.

You learn from your past. The truth is hidden by scars but anyway, you can RESET! You have the possibility to tell to yourself that your life is not like what you want it to be so do everything to change it. You can choose to restart it by changing some aspects: the way of thinking, the way you see life or your habits for example.
You have all your life to become what you want to be, just keep in mind that you have to do everything to purchase your desires, your dreams etc. Because there is no limit gon’ touch the sky! To conclude: “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” ― Richie Norton.









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