Seize the moment

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce” ― Karl Lagerfeld.


I learnt from my experience that each moment of our life is important because we only live once. I mean it’s not only the “trendy” word “yolo”. No! It’s just that time flies so fast that you just have the time to blink your eyes and today becomes tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes yesterday. Plus, each day is different from the other one so it can’t be reproduced. If you miss it, it’s forever gone. So just try to enjoy that period right now you have before it’s too late.
Sometimes, we always ask ourselves so many questions that we just fail the point because we are so busy to think too much. Think about it, our life will be so easier if we just seize the moment and don’t complicate everything by asking so many questions.
I mean, would you be happier if there are not this and that questions to take into account? Would you not enjoy more the present if you are not trying to extrapolate the future?
Just think about that and define what your priorities are.. I just want you to be aware of all these elements because I lived some passages in my life I regreted because I wasn’t enjoy the moment what I supposed to like as much as possible. I asked myself so many questions that I fail the point. So I just wish that you are keen on each moment of your life without regrets. As I said in my previous article named “REGRETS”, it’s better to have remorse thant regrets. That is my vision, everybody hasn’t to agree with me but yeah.
Besides, I want to add that we never know what tomorrow is made so let just live it up and that’s all! Guys, is it not a great idea to enjoy our time with people we love? Spend time with them, create new and beautiful memories that you are proud of. Everyone deserves to be loved and praised!








4 thoughts on “Seize the moment

  1. I so agree with what you wrote. I definitely learned to appreciate the moments more after this summer!

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