Find my soul

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.”
― Bob Marley


If you followed me recently, you had noticed that I was down these days.. Big up to all the people who support and comfort me! I want to thank them, really! They all tried to reboost me! Today, I come back with a new article where I want to put some optimistic and hopeful text. Yay!
Thanks to these past months especially at Zara, I gain self-confidence but each time I go back to school, and see those people, I immediatly feel depressed.. I really want to find myself and especially my soul. Everybody deserve to be happy and find the way they are no matter what others say.
I think that soul is meaningful because it defines in some way your life. In fact, I believe that after living your life, the soul is the only one who can “stay”.. That’s why, karma is really important to me. I try my best to be straighter as possible. Each action determines the next one.
Don’t forget: “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” – Walt Whitman.







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