Goodbye Summer

Le temps a vraiment laiss√© place √† l’hiver. Les temp√©ratures commencent √† baisser, je sors de plus en plus les grosses √©charpes, les gros pulls etc. L’√©t√© me manque d√©j√† m√™me si j’adore l’hiver pour son c√īt√© douillet o√Ļ je peux sortir les gros pulls, les √©charpes et les manteaux. J’ai une passion pour les manteaux je crois bien.. J’en ai pas mal et j’adore toujours en acheter chaque hiver. Malgr√© tout, le soleil me manque, les rayons du soleil qui se posent sur notre peau et le bonheur de sortir sans veste et pouvoir mettre ce qu’on veut sans cacher par exemple certains d√©tails de certains v√™tements.
De plus, l’√©t√© rime avec vacances, repos et relaxation. J’ai v√©cu mon dernier “vrai” √©t√© c’est-√†-dire les grandes vacances.. Et oui malheureusement, je rentre bient√īt dans la vie active.. Apr√®s mon stage de fin d’√©tudes de janvier √† juillet 2017, je dois pr√©parer mon m√©moire et ma soutenance sur juillet et ao√Ľt puis si j’ai de la chance trouver un travail. Avoir un travail veut dire seulement 5 semaines de vacances par an + les jours f√©ri√©s.. La routine va s’installer petit √† petit, c’est pour cela que j’esp√®re trouver un travail que j’aime et qui me passionne pour ne pas m’ennuyer et ne pas sentir le train-train quotidien.

Winter is clearly coming. The temperatures start to drop, which means that I wear more and more scarfs, sweaters etc. I already miss summer even if I like winter because I like wearing sweaters, pullovers, scarfs and coats. I have a passion for coats because each year I need at least to buy one haha. In spite of everything, I miss the sun, the sunrays on my skin et the happiness to go out without a jacket or a coat. Besides, summer means holiday, relaxing, taking a rest. Summer Holidays 2016 were my “last one”.. Unfortunately, I’m going to end my studies and I have to look for a job.. After my end-of-studies internship between January to July 2017, I have to write my thesis and my thesis defence in July and August then if I have luck, I will find a job. Ofc, I’ll take 2 weeks to go somewhere for holiday haha. Having a job will be so great to start my career and it also means only 5 weeks of holiday per year + day-off.. The daily routine is going to set up little by little, that’s why, I hope I’m going to find a job that passionate me, where it can make me happy¬† and where I don’t feel daily grind..














S. (E). O . U. L

Always saying that I am back blabla but irl.. So hard but I seriously try.. I even tried to vlog in Seoul when my friend were there but it was totally an epic fail with my DSLR.. But I took a lot of pictures of Tokyo so be prepared, articles are coming for sure! When I am back in Paris, new clothes so new looks and maybe videos on my YouTube channel too..
Well, still have 14 days left before coming back in Paris.. I love Seoul but I have to say that I can’t wait to come back because I miss my parents, my home, my bedroom, and especially GOOD FOOD! OMG! Just thinking about real tasty beef meat, vegetables, fruits, wine etc.. MIAM! But ofc, after one week in Paris, I’ll be like.. “Oh miss Seoul so much, I want to go back so badly..” Erf..
Btw, here a look I didn’t post before.. Yeah, it was in winter but who cares? Haha. All black outfit is always the best haha, obviously.. Like the color of my soul (lol lol lol)..
I’ll do my best to be regular etc.. You know hun.. PS: Missing my long hair..