Petit shooting durant l’été avec l’acolyte (ou pas), Jonathan aka @jowti. Nous avons tenté pour la première fois de shooter avec l’objectif 50mm. Le résultat est pas mal même si Jonathan doit encore prendre la main sur l’objectif en manuel haha.
Ce jour-là, on s’était retrouvé pour shooter genre 2h puis chacun est reparti à ses occupations. Avec mon copain, nous sommes allés manger vietnamien puis nous sommes allés au cinéma voir.. Il me semble le film Dunkerque. D’ailleurs, je vous le conseille si vous ne l’avez pas vu. Il est super bien réalisé et puis, j’ai adoré l’apparition de Tom Hardy :p (va savoir pourquoi hun).

Little shooting during summer done with Jonathan aka @jowti. We tried to shoot with the lens 50mm. The result is pretty good even if Jonathan still has to improve his skills with it when it’s in manual haha.
This day, we met each other just to shoot like 2 hours because usually we spend the afternoon together by shooting and ending in a coffee shop. Anyway, after the shooting, we both returned to our activities. He joined his friends and my bf and I went to eat in a vietnamese restaurant and then we went to the cinema. We saw the movie, Dunkerque I think. Btw, if you don’t see this movie yet, I advise it.





Bringing up an other shoot by my friend, Likeabyul taken two weeks ago. It is always a pleasure to take photos with her because I feel so comfortable when she shoots me. Hope we will meet soon because I have so many things to do with her: Going to change my helix piercing or buying some stuff for my bedroom to organize it at Hema or Muji.
I am so happy to know her, I am glad to make the first step by sending her a message via LookBook when I discovered her page. You have to know that she is so lovely!

That day, we organized a lunch date at Pain Quotidien near Boulevard Haussmann. This was the first time I went there and tasted it. It was pretty good and when you eat their dishes, it is so healthy and you can feel that the products are fresh. I hope next time, we will try the brunch or the tea time.
Plus, I am that kind of girl who can spend all day on a coffee shop: Just listening music, doing homework, chilling with friends, reading books, etc. Yeah, it is my definition of simplicity! Maybe that’s why, I love this country, South Korea, so much because there are so many coffee shops everywhere, at every street corner so when you are tired or feel thirsty, you can find a place anywhere.
Anyway, after finishing eating, I shouldn’t spend money again but I wanted to do shopping window at Monki but finally, I went out by buying a top and a pull-over. I think I will show you my purchases soon with a new shoot. Stay tuned!
Our next step was finding a spot where we could take pictures. It is like always a discovery of Paris even if I am Parisian, haha. But we ended to find a place to shoot near Printemps Haussmann in a silent place. It was neutral, simple and quiet.
That day, I was wearing my jeans jacket and for the first time, wearing my crewneck Crmnill with a black pants and boots. Simplicity in street style clothes is the best!

PS: Crmnill is a brand created in 2012 by my friend, DAENI LLI. But right now, he decided to concentrate on his arts. Go to check his works on his instagram, it’s fcking cool!
It was my first time to buy a crewneck of this brand but I got a beanie. You can see it on my LookBook page: here or here.
And also love this look below: here.



Vest – ZARA

Crewneck – Crmnill

Pants – ZARA

Boots – ZARA










Fondation Louis Vuitton x Jardin d’Acclimatation

Le week-end du 25/10, j’ai enfin revu mon amie, Estelle. Nous nous n’étions pas vues depuis janvier vu qu’au premier semestre, elle était en échange aux Pays-Bas et moi au second, je suis partie en échange universitaire en Chine.
Nous avons enfin pu nous voir, et nous avons décidé de faire une exposition et à l’occasion de l’ouverture de la Fondation Louis Vuitton, nous avons décidé d’y aller faire un tour car c’était gratuit ce jour-là mais il fallait réserver pour pouvoir y accéder sans payer, chose que nous avions omis de faire.
Donc, nous avons vu que le bâtiment de l’extérieur (toutefois nous comptons bien y retourner lorsqu’il y aura moins de monde et aussi lorsqu’il y aura une exposition qui nous plaira) mais pour le coup, nous avons découvert le Jardin d’Acclimatation juste à côté de la Fondation Louis Vuitton.
Je vous conseille d’y aller faire un petit tour, le Jardin d’Acclimation est assez grand, il y a plein de choses à découvrir : Les rochers des daims, un bout de la Corée (On s’y croirait presque, je vous le jure, j’ai tellement adoré. Les souvenirs de la Corée sont remontés, j’avais qu’une envie de m’envoler pour Séoul.. D’ailleurs, j’ai fait les photos de ma tenue là), la Volière avec plein d’espèces d’oiseaux différents etc..

On Saturday 25th, I finally met my friend, Estelle. We didn’t see each other since January because she was in uni exchange in Netherlands and I, in China. We could meet that week and decided to do an exhibition and we chose La Fondation Louis Vuitton which opened in October, the 24th. It supposed to be free the 25th so we went to see but we learnt when we arrived that we had to book the tickets on internet to get it free. Anyway, we thought that we will come back later for an other exhibition so we went for a walk at Le Jardin d’Acclimation next to the foundation. It was quite big: we saw differents animals (fallow deer, peacocks, parrots or camels…), also a fairground and a part of the garden has Korean architecture. It seemed I was in S.Korea, so memories came back. I want to go there again and again. I totally love this country, really. People and the culture are amazing. I don’t know how to explain or to put words on it.
I chose this scenery to take my outfit of the day.








A cette occasion, j’ai profité du cadre pour prendre ma tenue du jour pour la partager avec vous. J’espère qu’elle vous plaira !
Ce jour-là, je portais un haut de chez The Kooples que j’ai associé avec un pantalon noir et des bottines noires également. J’ai terminé ma tenue avec mon trench coat dégoté chez Zara, un gros coup de coeur sur cette pièce. J’en cherchais un depuis un certain temps, étant assez difficile, je ne voulais pas d’un trench dit “classique” et je l’ai enfin trouvé, celui-ci donne une style “loose fit” que j’aime beaucoup tout en restant “classe” si je puis dire.
Pour parfaire le tout, niveau make-up, j’ai mis mon eyeliner comme d’habitude, dessiner mes sourcils (c’est fou comment ça peut changer un visage, je ne peux plus m’en passer depuis que j’ai commencé à les dessiner !) et j’ai fini par mon rouge à lèvre M.A.CRussian Red. Eh oui, j’adore les ràl de cette marque et surtout les rouges, en dépit de ne pas pouvoir maquiller mes yeux comme je le voudrais dû à mes monolids, je me focalise sur mes lèvres.

Je remercie Estelle d’avoir jouer le rôle de photographe le temps de cette journée. J’aime beaucoup les photos que tu as prise, la prochaine fois, rebelotte hein ;).
D’ailleurs, nous avons oublié de te prendre toi en plus, j’ai aimé ta tenue mais la prochaine fois !

Like I said, I chose this scenery to take my OOTD. Hope you’ll like it! This day, I wore a tee-shirt from The Kooples with a black pants and black boots too. I finally wore my trench coat bought at Zara, a big crush. I was looking for one for a long time, but found it two months ago, I think. I don’t want the “classic” trench coat like the cut of Burberry. This one has a “loose-fit” style that I like a lot but it stays “classy”.
To refine my outfit, for the make-up, I put my usual eyeliner on my eyes, draw my eyebrows (so incredible how it can change a face shape, now I can’t skip the step now, really!) and I ended with my lipstick from M.A.CRussian Red. I totally like this brand and its lipsticks, despite I can’t make-up my eyes because of my monolids, I focus on my lips.

I want to thank Estelle to take the role of my photographer. I like the photos she took of me and next time, again tho. By the way, we forgot to shoot you, next time too!






Trench coat – ZARA

Tee shirt – The Kooples

Pants – ZARA

Boots – ZARA








OOTD: Mix&Match.

Last week, I met my friend Chantal from Likeabyul whom I last met one year ago. I was happy to see her again, she is so cute haha. You can see the pictures I took of her on her blog, in the article “Place Vendôme“. After craving our Korean meal in Pyramides in Paris, we tried to find a place where we could shoot some photos of our outfit of the day. We walked so much between Opéra and Pyramides to finally end up at Place Vendôme. Arrived there, we saw a wedding shooting and another one for a shop or something like that.. So we decided to do it at this place. At the beginning, I was scared because I am not used to shoot in the street but this time, it was okay, I just think I was a tourist and that’s all. Yeah, some advantages being Asian, haha.



I wore this outfit because it reminds me my university exchange in China. I often wore this top, this skirt and these high-socks in Nanjing mostly when I was going in nightclub, lmao. So many memories in that outfit even if I was not especially wearing it together but each piece has its story. And I feel damn good on it even if these days I feel like a fatty with my big belly and thighs.. (Need to do sport)
I think this outfit can reveal a story like Paris to Nanjing. It reflects an Asian girl who did an uni exchange in China during 4 months. It brought me some self-confidence and a fresh air I needed to start a new year. I had to change my mind because before leaving in Nanjing, Paris totally annoyed me and I was totally sad and tired of everything. Each little thing could irritate me. This experience brought me responsibilities, carefree, freedom, self-confidence and less shyness, I think. I just want to come back to Nanjing and spend time with my friend, Sandra.

This day, I wore a top “Believe” from Forever21, a skirt and high-socks from H&M bought in Nanjing at Deji Plaza (argh, many memories), a jeans vest from Zara, a headband bought in Seoul and my babies sneakers, Vans which I carried them when I was on the Great Wall.



My photographer did a great job hehe. I was quite at ease when she took me, I am thankful that she helps me on my goal with this blog. She always encourage me no matter what, she believes in me. I think everyone needs friends like that and I am glad to have her even if I know her only one year.
What’s more, I am ambitious, I don’t afraid to say it. I am not patient but I try to learn to be patient to grow up and take lessons to live happy in my life. These days, I think a lot about my future, what I want to do with my career etc.. But I have some ideas but I have to wait to see which choices are offered to me. I love fashion and business, I just want to work in this field. I never say that I am fashionable but I try my best to wear clothes I like and to have my own style that’s all. I am nobody to impose something. I just want to say: Be yourself!

If you have an account on LookBook, you can hype my outfit if you like it on this link: here
I chose “Mix&Match” because I was going to buy some food with my parents and I saw this sentence on a shopping window. I immediately thought that fashion is an enormity, each person has his own style, you can combine different styles and create your own one. That’s why, we can mix and match pieces to have a great result.


Jeans Vest – ZARA, 29,99 €

Top – Forever 21, 11,50 €

Skirt – H&M, 19,99 €

High-socks – H&M, 9,99 €

Sneakers – Vans, 65 €

Headband, 5 €


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Shooting in Paris 20140823

Je reviens aujourd’hui pour vous présenter un shooting que j’ai fait samedi dernier à Paris avec mon amie, Hally Jung aka Streetopode.

J’espère que les photos vous plairont. Excusez-moi si mon expression et mes poses ne sont pas au trop, c’était mon premier shooting. Je voulais avoir une tenue décontractée mais aussi avec une ambiance un peu mélancolique.




Pantalon palm trees Zara – 19,90 euros


Nike Roshe Run – 94,90 euros








Veste “Boyfriend” Zara – 79,90 euros










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